Dear Prospective Buyers/Renters and/or their Representatives:

Thank you for your interest in my listing.  I am looking forward to arranging a showing for you.

Before I am able to schedule a showing of the property, the Owner has requested that I document the information below.

Once this information is received and put on record for review, I can move forward with notifying parties of a requested showing and arrange for monitored entry of the premises.

As I’m sure you’re aware, a Seller and its Tenants have the right-to-know who is going through their property for security purposes and it's the Sellers right to request verification of a Buyer’s ability to purchase, confirming a Buyer is in the immediate “ready, willing, and able” purchase position.

Should you have any questions that need answering in the meantime, you’re welcome to call me.  


Michael DeRosa,
Licensed Real Estate Broker
on behalf of Michael DeRosa Exchange, LLC
Direct Dial (315) 406-7355


Buyers and Agents are to register below, similar to as required at an Open House on a Sign-in sheet


Entries are Subject to Verification *

POSTED/Private Property Warning: Although the premises is on the market, it’s still the owner’s and its tenant’s private property and they are STILL ENTITLED TO THEIR PRIVACY AND have a right to take action for breach of peace, trespassing or breaking and entering.

Inquires, Requests, Negotiations, and Offer Instructions: Any and all inquires, requests, negotiations, and offers must be submitted to and conducted through listing broker only.

Presenting Offers: All offers must be in writing; no verbal offers will be BINDING. All offers must be presented and submitted to listing broker.

Escrow Agent designated for Buyers/Renters Deposits: Deposits Are Held in Escrow by Listing Broker.

time frame and availability of showings: 24 - 72 Hour Notice is preferred to arrange and prepare property for showings and accommodate any housekeeping/pet-sitting needs of seller and its tenants.

we will do our best to accommodate everyone's schedule for a showing. Please understand the time needed FOR APPOINTMENT CONFIRMATION when coordinating a buyers time frame and availability of a showing with the property owners, its tenants and real estate agent.

Showing arrangements and authorization: Showings are by appointment only and are subject to validation of legitimate purchasers.

Disclosure Notice of Real Estate Agency Relationship: Owner has engaged real estate licensee Michael DeRosa of  Michael DeRosa Exchange, LLC., a licensed real estate broker to act as the Landlord’s/Seller’s Agent.

Notice of Exclusive Right to Sell, Lease, option and Exchange: You are hereby notified that the premises is listed under an Exclusive Right to Sell contract with listing broker.  Please refrain from any and all direct or indirect circumvention, inducement or interference with brokers listing contract, economic advantage and business relations.

Listing Broker / Agent: Michael DeRosa Exchange, LLC / Michael DeRosa.